UK five year post-Brexit visa planned

Posted on: 08 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Brexit , Tech City , United Kingdom , visa ,

UK five year post-Brexit visa planned

The implications of the Brexit vote last year have left the world wondering how the vote and subsequent exit from Europe will affect the immigration situation in the UK. Much uncertainty surrounds who will be allowed to stay in the UK and who will be granted visas to enter and work in the country.  There is concern from the business community in London in particularly that the UK will be left with a massive skills shortage should immigration to the country be restricted and many business leaders and the mayor of London have voiced their concerns over the effect on the economy.

Recent news has emerged that the UK is considering a five year post-Brexit visa that will allow foreign workers into the country in order to prevent such a skills shortage. It is reported that these visa will allow multi-year entry for those working in key sectors – including tech.   These visa are proposed to be like those currently existing for non EU workers and be for those that already have a job offer and will restrict the benefits that the visa holder is allowed to take advantage of.

Home secretary Amber Rudd said “On thing I can confirm is we will end freedom of movement as we know it” and confirmed that a range of other options were on the table and being discussed as part of the Brexit strategy.

Meanwhile Tech City has been granted a further 50 places on their tech visa scheme for workers wanting to travel to the UK to work in the tech sector.  These places are available for entry to the UK before the end of April and have been granted following pressure by the tech sector which is struggling to fill skills gaps in the sector.  How many visas will be available for next year is currently undecided.

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