The United Kingdom will officially exit European Union in March 2019. The Conservative Party, that has always been against them and are now mad about what UK Prime Minister said about the transition period. According to Theresa May, the transition period or the implementation period will last for two years, but the Conservatives argue that it will be longer. However, in a recent report released by the government, they haven’t mentioned a time limit of the implementation period. Brexiters fear that once the UK officially exits from the European Union, the country will be in permanent limbo. Jacob Rees-Mogg, head, Tory European Research Group, said that an endless transfer will result in Brino - Brexit in Name only and insisted that the transition should have a time limit. After the news got out, cabinet ministers are assuring the commoners that the transition period will only last for two years, but no one believes them. And the Conservatives have three reasons why the period will be a lot longer than anticipated. Three reasons It is not possible for the European Union-United Kingdom to come through by 2021. The European Union - Canada agreement took seven years to form and signed by both the parties. Some cabinet ministers believe that it will be signed in 2024. The United Kingdom will now require building new customs infrastructure at ports for people entering and exiting the country to the European Union nations. It will need space for physical clearance and a lot of many things. Thirdly, there are chances that the transition period will be over by 2021 if the ministers take implementation decision starting now, but they aren’t. The UK government is yet to plan and decide which two long-term programs it wants to adopt post-Brexit. Other than that, the British government is famous for delaying operations, and this situation is no different.

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