United Kingdom’s strict immigration rules are doing no good to Scotland. There is a huge demand for both skilled and unskilled labor. One of the politicians from Scotland even joked about waiting for Canada’s invitation to become one of its provinces. England is small island it is quite populated, but that’s not the case with Scotland. While England has 407 people per square kilometer, Scotland only has 68 people. When London made UK’s immigration policy, it didn’t take into consideration the labor needs of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. And just like any other country in need of skilled immigrants, the Scottish government has fallen in love with Canada’s points-based immigration system but cannot adopt it because Scotland works together as part of the United Kingdom. Scotland is doing badly especially after Great Britain left European Union in July 2016 and feel that it will only worsen when it officially exists in March 2019. For long, Scotland has tried to move the European Union office in Brussels to support the country in separating from the United Kingdom, but nothing has worked. It is expected that the Scottish Parliament will soon defy power from London and take control over its own agriculture, fishing, and labor market among more other damaged sectors. It is evident that the issue will go on in the court for several years making Scotland’s relation with England nothing less than Canada and the US, but in Scotland’s case, it doesn’t have much power to take its own decision.

Employment in Scotland

Scotland is an attractive destination for international students, but so it is for adventure seekers. It has a rugged coastline but a very beautiful one. A monster share of job opportunities in Scotland is in the healthcare department. It has a very low unemployment rate and a huge demand for skilled workers, especially in the healthcare and IT industry.

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