No Visa Issuance to Nigerians, says Switzerland

Posted on: 24 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , News , visa ,

On Wednesday Mr Yves Nicolet, the chief diplomat of the country of Switzerland in Lagos stated that his department in charge of Nigerians had no responsibility whatsoever to issue out permits to intending applicants. Yves disclosed in a meeting in Lagos that the best shot for permit applicants of Nigerian and non-Nigerian descent was via the embassy in the country’s capital Abuja. “We want to bring it to the attention of Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike that the diplomat headquarters in Lagos is not in-charge of issuing out permits to applicants who want to travel to Switzerland.

This department does not have a permit issuing section, so we have no staff whose duties are to give out permits.

We don’t have one now, and we do not have plans in place to open any in the nearest future.

“We employ all Nigerian citizens and non-citizens to be aware that this department is not in charge of permits issuance,” Yves stated.

Mr Yves also restated that his regime has had their embassy in the state of Lagos since 2004 until it decided to move its Department to the country’s capital of Abuja. The Switzerland consulate had re-opened in Lagos in 2016 after the surge in Swiss nationals and Swiss international firms in the state.

The representative also stated that the choice by his regime to reinstate the representation in Lagos was due to the position of the state in the country’s economic development. Mr Yves also said that his administration’s main goal was to improve the economic and cultural relationships between the two nations.

He said the creation of the Consulate by the Swiss government was to foster the already existing bilateral bond between both nations.

“The primary goal of the consulate is to make better the relationship between Nigeria and Switzerland.

It is the job of this department also to try to attract more business heads to Nigeria from Switzerland, and to promote both the investment and trade interests of Nigerians in Switzerland,” Mr. Yves added.


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