Leaders all across the world as meeting their people or giving new year speeches and Joseph Muscat is no different. Malta PM hosted a question and answer in Marsaskala on February 4th, 2018. He answered questions on several topics including medical marijuana, visa reforms, and cryptocurrencies. Even though marijuana is legal in Malta, it is challenging to access, so it doesn't make a difference if it legal or illegal. Muscat said that they've launched an act that allows easy access to medical marijuana to patients and promotes companies to grow it in Malta. Nuuvera, a Canadian medical cannabis firm, is trying to open industry in Malta from where it will manufacture all types of medical marijuana products. Despite several economists and financial experts including Nouriel Roubini saying that cryptocurrency will fall soon, Muscat strongly believes that Malta should support and embrace all cryptocurrencies. He said that he recently talked with two American investors about cryptocurrencies and they said it’ll be riskier not to invest than invest in them. Malta doesn’t want to grow dependent on iGaming and therefore, continually finds new developments. He knows that if his plans are a hit, everyone will take the credit but if they fail, Muscat will get all the blame. That’s how it is the prime minister.

Starting e-visas

Malta is facing employee shortage and plans to implement an immigration plan soon. Also, the government will quickly begin e-visas so that people can get their visas at the comfort of their homes. Businesses have complained to Muscat that they need employees and that is why he is going to let foreigners enter the country. It becomes difficult for people to apply for a Malta visa because it doesn’t have diplomatic offices in all countries and they have to travel to others just to apply for the visa.

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