Angus Laing, dean of Lancaster University Management School, feels that online courses are the future of tomorrow and therefore will be making investments in online learning. Laing became the management school’s dean in October 2015 and also is the director of e-learning. In his two and a half years, Laing built an e-learning team and also relaunched the school’s Executive MBA program in three different international locations. Chris Saunders, EMBA director, said that the EMBA is available at Accra in Ghana, Lancaster in the United Kingdom, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Laing is planning to start the EMBA program in London soon. The program is a combination of class lectures and online lectures. The first half of the program is taught in a class setup, while the remaining 40 percent, which consists of the elective component, is delivered through an online program. He feels that if universities want to join international campuses, online is a crucial element. Only a few universities across the globe are promoting online programs, while a majority of them aren’t embracing it with vast enthusiasm. New environment The world is now in an environment where multiple factors come together, encouraging everyone to embrace the online world. People are now used to working in a digital environment as technology makes everything a lot more permissive. He feels that it isn’t that they are introducing something new or disruptive because we’ve moved beyond that. Digital resources help students in the workplace during their internships. The location of learning doesn’t matter anymore. Non-traditional modes of delivering lectures have become more acceptable now. At the same time, employers are increasingly concerned about brand, which is the university or institute from where the students did their online course. Lancaster University is a leading university in England, and the reason for its success is a combination of brand building, online learning, and globalization.

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