International Students in the UK can directly apply for Tier-2 Visa

According to the recent immigration rules set to be implemented from 11th Jan 2018, international students studying in UK Universities will have more room if they wish to switch to their work visas. The recent rules state that international students can apply for their Tier-2 visa (also known as the skilled worker visa) as they finish their course in the UK. As per the current immigration norms, they have to wait till they receive their degree to finally make the switch. This gave them a very less time frame to get a job in the UK, and the new rules will ensure that the students get a fair chance at a job. The Tier-4 student visas are valid for a very few months after completion of the course, with no regard to when the degree also awarded, so the current rules would give students very little time to apply for a job. The new norms will enable students to start the process a few months in advance, and hence be extremely beneficial for them. Immigration experts say that this change has followed with a long-drawn debate between the government of UK and the universities over there. The mayor of London has proposed a new category of work visas, which is entirely separate from the Tier-2 category. His proposal cites data which shows the reduction in the number of international students. He suggests that the post-study work visas should allow the international students to work for a year or two after they graduate, and it should be kept separate from the Tier-2 visa track. As per his opinion, he feels that it will help to increase student numbers and encourage more international students to study in the UK. For now, however, the students have to make use of the slight loosening of reigns on the part of the British Government.

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