Immigration NZ Issues Staff Guidelines on Visa Approval

Posted on: 19 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , newszealand , visa ,

The department of immigration disclosed that it had the intention to make out clear cut rules for issues where employees of the department reasoned whether applicants for permits had defaulted in one way or the other.

In a circular passed to the employees, it stated that the immigration officials might be under unnecessary tension to okay permits which do not meet the recommended standard. It brought to the view the statutory duties of the immigration officials to take stands that showed their verification of applications.

“In the event of things that an officer is being pressured or forced to take decisions that are against what they stand for or that is against the set-out rules and regulations of the department, they must report this to their superiors and bosses.

“Any boss who is asked to investigate a matter should do so meticulously and report his decision to his operations supervisor.”

The supervising manager of duties supports for permits operations, Darren Calder, disclosed that he does not think that it was a huge problem, but with more and more permit decisions to be taken, there was an increasing chance or pressure being put on those who took decisions.

“We hope that attorneys and counselors and advisers would intercede on behalf of their customers, but I assume that this is the point where the metaphorical line is drawn.

“This is the point where there is a whole lot more pressure that is just taking sides with an order. It's pressuring to acknowledge a situation.

“In that case, it could be a tense situation. It could be almost as simple as receiving threats of media being involved.

“I don’t agree that threat is the correct word to use here. This is just the point where there is much pressure applied to take a positive stand.

Darren said the customs service did not keep the record of the number of incidents where officials were reportedly put under pressure. He disclosed that the counsel for employees of the department was created to set out crystal clear rules for them to follow should such cases where they feel under pressure from attorneys, applicants and immigration officials ensue. Permits can be revoked if pressure is sensed.

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