Euro Cham Requests Vietnam to Relax Visa Rules for European countries

Vietnam and Europe have always maintained a good relationship. European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam has requested the Vietnamese government to relax visa rules for European countries and also issue visa-free entry to more nations. During the meeting between EuroCham and the government of Vietnam, the organization urged Vietnam to offer visa-free travel to European countries that have entered the free trade agreement with them. According to EuroCham, offering visa-free travel will boost foreign investments and also target the large European tourism markets which help to improve the economy. It gave examples of how India and Australia relaxed rules to increase foreign direct investments. They suggested increasing the visa-free stay from 15 to 30 days. And to also increase the limit from one year to five years for multiple entry visas for five European countries. Another proposal was to waive off visa fees for returning European visitors, who visit within 30 days after leaving the country. Some tourism officers charge $5 for these returning tourists while some don’t charge anything. So it is best for them to slash off the fees officially. They should also improve its e-visa system and make it more dynamic and user-friendly and issue 72-day transit passenger visa. It has a rich culture that attracts citizens of European countries. Focusing on these tourists can improve Vietnamese tourism sector because they are ready to spend an outstanding amount of money. They also told them to issue visa-free entry to European countries like the UK, France, and Italy.

Visiting Vietnam

If you have ever considered about visiting Vietnam, then you’ve considered it right. It is a very simple country with simple and happy people. Unlike its neighboring country, Thailand, Vietnam is known for its quiet natural beauty. Buddhist influence is strong in the country, which able to see in its architecture. Some buildings also belong to the French era.

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