American's face EU visa rule

Posted on: 08 Mar 2017  |   Tags: European Union , United States , visa ,

American's face EU visa rule

American citizens travelling to Europe this summer may now have to apply for a visa before travelling. For many years now Americans have enjoyed visa free travel to the European Union and this news will come as a shock to many Americans planning to travel this year.

The news comes as a response to actions taken by the United States government to not allow travellers from Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and Croatia to travel to the Unites States without a visa. All other travellers from the European Union countries are allowed to travel under the US waiver programme but the five countries excluded are said by the Americans to not have met the strict security requirements.

All of this has not been met with enthusiasm from many of the countries that rely on American tourism for much of their income and France and the United Kingdom are fearing that the uncertainty will discourage many Americans from travelling to Europe.  Already hit by terrorism fears the tourism industries of these countries is now fearing more loss of business from the other side of the Atlantic.

The European Commission has said that it is trying to resolve the issues through diplomatic relations but has stated that if the restrictions on their members travelling to the Unites States is not resolved they may have little option than to impose visa restriction on United States citizens travelling to Europe since European Union rules state that there must be equal treatment for all EU citizens and they are obliged to act on behalf of all citizens of the union. Whether diplomatic relations can sway the Trump administration remains to be seen but many are pinning hopes on a resolution before the summer holiday season.


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