Ministry of Home Affairs Relaxes India's Visa Process to Boost Tourism

The Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has for the past one year also taken a lot of action into relaxing the visa process in India. Some of the actions taken include:

Ministry of Home Affairs Relaxes India's Visa Process to Boost Tourism

  • The Electronic Visa Facility which is now available to virtually every country in the world. Citizens of the 166 enlisted countries can access this service from 5 seaports and 26 airports.

  • Foreign applicants can now speak with an Indian official only when they get an immigration counter.

  • India's Bureau of Immigration, BOI for short, now takes between 24 - 48 hours to decide the fate of every Visa Applicant. The e-visa facility is becoming very popular.

The Ministry created five categories of the e-visa, namely:

  1. Business

  2. Medical

  3. Tourist

  4. Medical attendant and

  5. Conference

The e-medical attendant and the e-visa conference were recently added.

The e-visa can now be extended to more than 60 days; even up to 90 days. Also, these visas can now be obtained up to 3 times a year unlike before when it was only two times.

Now foreigners who are already staying in India and have issues to sort out in the embassy, do not have to go to the consular offices as e-FRRO services are now available online and can be accessed from anywhere in the country.

Again, immigrants who during their stay in India fall sick can now receive medical attention and treatment without having to change their visa to a medical visa. By this, medical emergencies will be handled seamlessly.

Changes in the Visa Process

Other actions taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs include making it easier for spouses of Indian citizens, including OCI holders to convert their visas to an Entry Visa at any time.

Foreign nationals in India can now extend their business and employment visas for up to 10 years while still in India unlike before when it was just for five years. The FRRO has been empowered to handle these visa issues to make things easier.

The process of acquiring an intern visa has been eased up as well, to encourage more foreigners to come to India for their internship. Organizations in India will significantly benefit from this development. This Intern Visa can now be obtained at any point of the applicant's study.

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