Visa Applicants to Canada Need to Pay Separate Biometrics Fees

With effect from December 31, 2018, all persons who intend to travel to Canada will have to provide their biometric info which has become a part of Canada's visa application process. The biometric info needed include fingerprints and a photo. Canada Introduces Biometric Fee for Visa Application The Canadian High Commission released a notice on this issue, saying that aside from the standard visa application fee, applicants will begin to pay an additional 85 CAD per person as biometric fees. Meanwhile, families sending in their applications together for a visitor visa will pay a biometric fee of not more than 170 CAD. This biometric fee is inclusive of application handling costs at a VAC.

Category of applicants concerned

In order to be eligible to travel often and regularly to Canada, applicants need to keep updating their biometric data every ten years. There may need to verify their biometrics at their ports of entry to be sure of their identity for every time they are coming into Canada. Travellers from Trinidad and Tobago and all citizens of the member-states of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States OECS for short, who apply for work or study visas to Canada, are required to go to any of the 11 VACs to provide their biometric info. They could also go to any of the US Application Support Centers — 135 of them — to do this. This rule will become effective starting December 31, 2018. Those making their applications online or at a Visa Application Centre (VAC), will be required to show proof of their payment for their biometrics before their photos and fingerprints can be taken. Others applying by mail or even online will submit their biometric info at any collection points designated for it only if they have a biometric instruction letter. Those applying in person at a VAC do not require a biometric instruction letter as they will be submitting their applications and providing their biometrics at the same time. The Canadian government had previously made it clear that the essence of the biometric runs is to find out those who have already applied to enter Canada with the same or even a different identity; those who have a criminal record, and those who may have been deported from Canada in the past. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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