Saint Lucians to go to Barbados for Canadian Visas Anton Edmunds, the Saint Lucian ambassador to the US, has announced that all citizens of Saint Lucian seeking Canadian visas should go to Canada's High Commission in Barbados to submit their applications in addition to the already-existing embassy in Trinidad and Tobago. This announcement was released on Sunday, November 4, over the media where Edmunds who doubles as the non-resident High Commissioner to Canada, remarked that the development was a welcome one as it gives the people of Saint Lucia options to choose from. It was also a confirmation that the government of Canada was attentive to the many concerns expressed by Saint Lucia over the financial inconveniences associated with traveling to Trinidad and Tobago. In the media release, the ambassador also added that the government of Saint Lucia would keep seeking for new ways to make things easier for its citizens which includes the use of mobile devices and equipment for collecting biometric data. This step will surely cut down visa costs for individuals and families from Saint Lucia who want to travel to Canada.

Biometric Data Collection for Canada Visa Applicants

Edmunds disclosed that Canada announced this news on the second of November 2018. In the news, Canada had announced that it was widening its biometrics-collection scheme and that preparations are ongoing for December 31 when visa applicants from countries in the Americas, Asia and the Asia Pacific will have to give their biometric info when applying for visas such as study visas, permanent residence, work permit or even visitor visas. By collecting the biometric data of applicants, Canada could stop immigrants who could put the security and safety of Canadians at risk. Because the visa application process requires applicants to first give their biometric info before coming to Canada, the government of Canada is creating more Visa Application Centres, VACs for short, in many countries. This is to make the service more convenient and uniquely accessible to applicants. By December 31, Canada will have 152 VACs in 103 countries. Stay connected to VisaTime to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country

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