India Asks for a Review of Canada's Work Visa Rules

India Asks for a Review of Canada's Work Visa Rules

India has demanded, that Canada lifts the visa restrictions, for temporary workers, which were introduced, as part of Canada's visa program, for Temporary Foreign Workers. The Asian country is also demanding that Canada introduces changes, in the new impact assessment requirements, introduced in the labour market, which have affected the movement of skilled Indians, who want to work in Canada.

India made a statement at the World Trade Organization, during Canada's Trade Policy Review, highlighting that it would be of mutual benefit, for the two countries, if Canada could address these issues, affecting the mobility of skilled Indian professionals to Canada. India also spoke on the procedural delays that have become characteristic of Canadian visa processing, and other restrictions, guiding the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

According to the delegation from India, domestic companies in India, were having challenges, in transferring employees to their units in Canada, on short-term visas, because of the Visa Program for Temporary Foreign Workers introduced in 2014. According to the delegation, this program has affected the trade of services a great deal.

Tedious procedures, increase visa costs all the more discouraging

According to India's submission, this Visa Program, also known as Canada's Global Skills Strategy, does not address the requirements of IT professionals, and other service providers, from India. They further stated, that due to the elaborate procedures of the program, and increased visa fees, it has become more complicated, for foreigners to work in Canada.

The rules of the program demand that employers in Canada, who wish to bring in staff from abroad, will first obtain an approval from the government. The approval process is the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Before such employer gets a positive LMIA, the government, would have first determined, that the recruitment of such foreign workers, would either have a positive or neutral effect, on Canada's labour market.

Canada ranks among the top five markets, for IT firms in India. The other four are the US, Germany, the UK and Switzerland.

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