How One Can Succeed in Canada's Permanent Residency Programme

The Express Entry System used in Canada for processing visa applications of skilled immigrants is points-based. According to predictions from experts, the 2019 cut-off point for selection will fall around 450. How One Can Succeed in Canada's Permanent Residency Programme Some of the experts say French Proficiency and Canadian Education, say that being above 45 years, will get an applicant zero points, but by the provisions of this system, the applicant can still garner points from other facets.

The Express Entry System Gauges how likely one is to succeed

The Express Entry System is designed to gauge how likely one is to succeed in Canada. Applicants who want to improve their points should focus on work experience, language, education, and even getting a job offer and a nomination by a province. These factors, unlike some others like age, are controllable or changeable, according to Stephen Green, a managing partner at an immigration law firm. David Cohen, a senior partner at Campbell Cohen, an immigration law firm, added to the subject by saying that applicants who already have a job offer can earn additional points from it. Those who have jobs as senior managers will get 200 points, while those who have skilled jobs in other categories will get 50 points. The eligibility criteria for the Express Entry demands that an applicant proves their proficiency in either English or French by writing approved tests. Those who have high scores in French get 30 bonus points. The Express Entry program allows for applicants to be nominated for Canada's permanent residency program through the Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs). By this, an applicant can get a nomination from any of Canada's ten provinces, and this will automatically give them 600 points and an invitation to apply for the permit. In 2017, the Express Entry program had close to 13,500 PNPs linked with it which in comparison with the previous year, is a 73% increase. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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