The Canadian government secretly arranged a settlement for those who sued them to court claiming that its online application process had flaws and was unfair, in return for dropping the lawsuits. Canadian Govt Secretly Settles Visa Scheme Challengers The government awards 70 sponsorship sorts in exchange To quash the two lawsuits, the federal government offered nothing less than 70 sponsorship spots to the immigrants permitting them to proceed with sponsoring the immigration of their parents or grandparents to Canada. There were lawsuits launched in Vancouver and Toronto accusing the government of providing a flawed system for application which had people frustrated in their tens of thousands because they could not access the form or fill it out in time. The online application platform had been opened at noon but was closed in about 9 minutes later. There were angry complaints everywhere of people who said the sprint to file applications was a serious challenge for those who had disability issues, were not literate enough or were disadvantaged by the slow internet connection in their area. The settlement was a secret arrangement as there are no public court records on it neither has any of the parties involved come forward to reveal details about it. Mary Keyork, an immigration lawyer, said the settlement is unfair as there were those who were affected but were not aware of the lawsuits or didn't have the money to join them. The government opened 20,000 slots for sponsorships this year. On the other hand, there were 100,000 attempts of expressions of interest. Speaking on the matter, a government official who had no authority to speak on the matter said that the government had decided to end the legal battle because the applicants were relatively few since there were people with disabilities among the plaintiffs. Secondly, the government figured that going into a legal battle will put the entire applications on hold. Lorde Walkman, an immigration lawyer, said the government must have opted to settle the matter quickly and secretly so as not to alert other affected persons to launch lawsuits as well to demand fair and equal treatment. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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