Canada's Fast-Track Visa Attracts Tech Talent from the US

Tech talents in the US troop to Canada for greener pastures

Frustrated and depressed by the new restrictive visa policies of the US, thousands of tech workers and other skilled talents who are already in the US have given their attention to Canada's new immigration program which has a feature that speeds up the recruitment of foreign talent.

Canada's Global Skills Strategy, the fast-track visa program came into effect two years ago and has since then, captured the attention of over 24,000 people. This fact is based on the government's figures revealed on Wednesday. Through this program, foreign tech talents such as software engineers as well as other skilled persons get Canada's temporary work permits in 2 weeks. The program also has a permit exemption feature for managerial and research positions for short-term periods.

This visa program has a sharp contrast to US President, Donald Trump's efforts to tighten the immigration process for high-skilled tech workers who want to work in the US. Canada employed this strategy to drive growth in the country by allowing a higher inflow of foreign talent. According to Ahmed Hussen, Canada's minister for Immigration, this fast-track visa scheme has made tech companies in Canada to be more bright.

These companies, according to him, are elated by the program because its two-week processing feature has changed their decision-making pattern.

About 25% of the new workers coming to Canada are from the US, most of whom are non-Americans who have been frustrated by the stricter visa rules introduced by President Trump. A higher number of these workers are from India and are mostly in categories such as university professors, software engineers, computer and media programmers.

There are work permits for the beneficiaries' dependents

The beneficiaries of this fast-track visa scheme also have 16,000 dependents who are their family members and who also can work and study in Canada.

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