Canada the most popular and preferable destination to all interested candidates planning to Immigrate, and the country is also setting and supporting in all the means.


Canada recognises that the new immigrants are playing a vital role and playing an important role in challenging times, Canada could be the only country right now allowing foreigners to enter into the country by striking a balance between COVID and allowing global talent enter the country.


Country has no doubt implemented safety measures.


While few exemptions are set in place Canada has also restricted travel until June 30th 2020.  Canada is doing its best to set right signals to the foreigners and probably this would the country that most of the immigrants might be looking up as the lock down is removed.


Despite of coronavirus spread, Canada is conducting the regular express entry draws to accommodate with the set immigration goals and required skills.


Having imposed the travel restrictions ,  Canada continued to conduct draws and four draws are conducted in three weeks of time.  In addition provinces also have had conducted PNP Draws during this time.


British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan are active in sending invitation to candidates in the pool.


With travel restrictions in place the country also understanding that situation is out of control and hence Canada has allowed International Students to take online classes and still be eligible for post study work permit is one of the great decision to support International skills and talents


Canada believes Immigration has various benefits and considers facilitating  immigration during this crisis is a need to cope with the economy foreign skills and talents contribution is required.





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