Canada is a Top Destination for Skilled and Unskilled Workers

Canada is a Top Destination for Skilled and Unskilled Workers

There are plentiful Employment opportunities in Canada for skilled as well as unskilled workers in the age group of 24 to 54 years. During September 54,000 jobs were created.

Presently the employment level is increasing and there is a huge labor gap presenting a demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers.

The government Canadian is seeking suitable candidates, specifically in healthcare and social assistance sectors. Also there is an effect of an ageing working population compounded with a low birth rate, hugely impacting on the economy.

There are many immigration programs, to help the declining labor force in skilled jobs. Canada is dynamic and multicultural, offers a lucrative salary, and presents the Options of Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs that make the immigration process simple, fast and accessible.

Immigrants choose Canada as their destination for relocating.

Canada has a High demand and Paying Jobs

Canada offers employment opportunities for capable applicants having varied skill levels in healthcare, social assistance, management, hospitality and IT. The Provinces of Ontario offered lucrative opportunities in September (41,000) and Nova Scotia, at 3,200 in full-time jobs.

We also present a salary comparison of top- jobs presently available. 

Annual Average Salary Comparison Between The Dominican Republic & Canada


Dominican Republic



752,790 DOP(18,705 CAD)

408,700 CAD


186,943 DOP(4,645 CAD)

73,000 CAD


570,679 DOP(14,180 CAD)

255,000 CAD

Ops Manager

276,008 DOP(6,858CAD)

124,313 CAD

Software engineer

235,477 DOP(5,851 CAD)


Mechanical Engineer

224,841 DOP(5,587 CAD)

73,639 CAD

Hotel Management

329,438 DOP(8,186CAD)

52,932 CAD

Sales Manager

352,293 DOP(8,754 CAD)

51,806 CAD

Top Quality of Living

Canada offers a high standard of living; free public schooling until high school, apart from free public healthcare. There is great safety, and freedoms covering religion and sexual orientation. Its economy is strong and the population density is low. In the cities there are hubs for professionals.

Way to Immigrate

More than 70 immigration and visa options are available for immigrants to choose:

The Express Entry System

 This caters to top skilled applicants and permits aspirants to immigrate to Canada within 6 months. They get a rank based on the Comprehensive Ranking System and must score 67 points from 100 to qualify. Also no job offer is required and they can work in any place in Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Program

This caters to semi-skilled applicants who fail to qualify in the Express Entry system. There is a restriction for working in a particular province for a designated employer for which the visa is issued specifically.

The Post-Graduate Program

This caters to such applicants who possess the Canadian qualification, and the government began this Program to help overseas students. They can stay on and also gain valuable work experience. The duration of stay depends on the time of study or qualification. Applicants having a Canadian study program of 8 months or more can apply for it.

We highlight all the programs and they can contact us for additional details.

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