Canada Employment Records A Remarkable Increase in August

Canada Employment Records A Remarkable Increase in August

Canadian economy is booming and there is a great demand for skilled workers. It added 81000 new jobs during the month of August 2019 and had an increase in the employment rate.

Remarkable progress in Canada jobs

The unemployment rate was 5.7 percent. In Quebec there was an addition of highest number in jobs during August, seeing the unemployment rate decline to 4.7 percent. Presently Quebec has exceeded British Columbia among the Canadian provinces and also has the lowest rate of unemployment.

In August Canada witnessed a sharp rise in employment because young people in the age bracket between 15 and 24 years saw an increase by 42000. Employment in the age above 55 increased in this period, by adding 22000 fresh jobs. The employment rate was stable for the people in the age bracket between 25 and 54 years.

Quebec and Ontario provinces saw a big rise in employment in real numbers. Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan had an increase in the job numbers.

Provinces also perform well

Quebec is seeing a rise in employment in the last two months consecutively. In August it added 19700 jobs besides the unemployment rate was a record low at 4.7 percent.

Manitoba also added 5200 jobs in the month and its unemployment rate stood at 5.6 percent, in Saskatchewan the increase in job numbers was by 2800 and there was a drop in unemployment to 5.1 percent. New Brunswick added 2300 jobs in the month.

The industries with an employment increase in Canada in August were insurance, finance, real estate, rentals and lease totally increasing by 22000. In the Industrial sector Ontario and Quebec had the biggest job increase. The education services sector in Quebec made an addition of 21000 jobs. Simultaneously, there was an increase in jobs in the professional, technical and scientific services by 17000.


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