Canada Announced to still accepting Spousal PR applications

Canada Government announced to have still accepting spousal immigration applications and also have given solutions to few of concerns faced by the couple due to COVID -19


Good news for applicants who may wish to start the processing for Canadian PR under Partner category.Partners included Spouses and common – law partners who are residing in Canada and Abroad.


While Canadian Government is working to refine the Covid-19 safety measures, IRCC has given solutions to the couple having concerns about the sponsorship during crisis.


Considering the coronavirus pandemic also understanding that there are service disruptions in obtaining a required document. IRCC has indicated to have accepting new PR application and also the incomplete applications. Applicant is expected to provide a detailed explanation letter citing the COVID related delays as the reason to have failed to submit the required documentation. This applies to applications processed during coronavirus pandemic.  Applications will be reviewed in 90 days.


Generally, applicants who are in receipt to take social assistance are considered as ineligible to sponsor the partner. The intention behind such rule is to bar applicants who are primarily depending on “Social assistance” as source of income. If one has been recently laid off and is looking to the government for aid, know that receiving assistance, for example, Employment Insurance benefits, tax credits, chid care subsidies, subsidise housing,  would not render you inadmissible as a sponsor .


Exemption on travel restriction are given to Spouses and common – law partners. Parters are considered as immediate family members and hence are allowed to enter to Canada from abroad . Airlines will check the supportive documents as proof of relationship. Travellers are expected to clear health check conducted by the airlines and must not show up any COVID symptoms .








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