Canada and The USA borders extending to close the borders until May 20th

Canada and The USA borders extending to close the borders until May 20th.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Saturday to extend closure of borders for 30 more days to limit the spread of Coronavirus.


Here again essential trade ie food , fuel and medicines will be allowed to continue to make the basic needs available to both the countries.


Non essential travel will however will remain closed until further notice.


It is now declared that foreign nationals in Canada can no longer apply for a temporary visas ie study, work and visit, through flag-poling


Flag-poling is a process of validating immigration status of Canada, this takes about 30 minutes of process where Candidate will exit Canada being refused entry to the USA will re-enter Canada to validate the Canada Immigration status.


However, applicants will be able to renew temporary visas without flag-poling.


U.S President Donald Trump mentioned that Canada would be the first country to remove the travel restrictions , while USA – Canada is first closed by mutual agreement ,where as other countries restrictions are unilateral.


President Trump also mentioned that he is signing a executive order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States,




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