Agri – Food pilot launch is postponed until May 2023 , due to Corona Virus Crisis.

The Agri – Food Immigration pilot supposed to begin from May 2020 is now delayed and postponed to May 2023 due Corona Virus Crisis.

Agri- Food Immigration is a pathway to permanent Residence for agri food workers in Canada.

Canada Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

The Govt of Canada has introduced a three year Agri-Food Immigration Pilot to eligible temporary workers in the Agri Food Industry.

Eligible Occupations:

Meat - Retail , Industrial Butcher including Food processing labours

Year Round Mushroom and Green house Crop production, Harvesting Labours and General farm workers

Farm Supervisors and live stock workers

Eligibility Criteria

ü  Non Seasonal Canadian 12 months Full time Work Experience

ü  English Language Ability requirement of CLB 4

ü  An indeterminate full time non seasonal Job offer (outside Quebec) at or above the prevailing wages.

A two year Labor Market Impact assessment (LMIA) will be issued to eligible employers in the meat processing








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