455 CRS Score – Lowest Express Entry in the Year 2020.


Express Entry draws conducted continuous for two days,. Eleventh round of invitations in 2020 and 144th overall


April 16th  Express Entry draw invited 3782 Candidates, to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency under Canadian Experience Class (CEC).  This is the fourth draw exclusively conducted for CEC candidates.


Total invitations issued in 2019 were 85300, while invitations issued in 2020 by mid of April  are 30400.


Tie Break Rule applied for April 16th 2020 draw is for Candidates who submitted their profile in Express Entry before January 20, 2020, at 15:20:02 UTC.


Considering higher targets set for Federal Skilled worker program for the year 2020-21 , it is expected to have larger draws and round of invitation expected to be conducted more frequently to match up to the set immigration plan counts.


Further , Coronavirus pandemic has take large effect on the Global Economy. Canada Governments expects, Immigrants will play a key role in Canada’s economic recovery post coronavirus situation.


When a question arises, if Canada has to continue to welcome Immigrants , the answer is with any doubt COVID -19 might require certain adjustment to be made however, undoubtedly Canada requires Immigrants more than ever to balance and promote the economic growth.


Why Canada needs more immigrants is a reason that this country has lowest birth rates and has more oldest populations.  With Seniors citizen retirements there is no enough young generation with required skills to fill in the available vacancies.  This is where the Immigration comes into effect and country will be looking upto foreign skills who would relocate and contribute to the country economy. In fact this why PR status ie. Benefits as equal to citizens are given to the Immigrants who comes on PR Status.





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