Canadian Government Alarms Potential Immigrants About Fraudulent Agents

Canadian Government Alarms Potential Immigrants About Fraudulent Agents

The government of Canada has on 10 June 2019, ahead of the start of admission into tertiary institutions in Canada which attracts a lot of students from India, warned those applying for any of the visas, to not waste money. This it did with public notices.

Applicants should apply only via a proper channel

Via a public notice, the government announced that the application costs for a Canadian visa cost only about 100 Canadian dollars — which is about Rs 5,200 — but that some immigration agents charge way more than that. It went on to advise potential applicants to apply for their Canadian visas only by visiting the official website of the government of Canada which is a proper channel.

Every year, thousands of students from all over the world pay huge fees to apply for Canadian visas. Indians — especially those from Punjabi — account for thousands of applicants who apply for visas to come to Canada. Sources in the industry reveal that in 2017 alone, there were close to 75,000 international students who got visas to Canada. This number is constantly on the rise.


Moving to Canada has become the new rave among Punjabis. Before now, the Doaba region in Punjab took the lead in the migration to Canada as well as other western countries. At the moment, the Malwa region is getting up to speed what with the litter of IELTS centers in different towns.

An immigration consultant who would instead remain anonymous said that so many visa applicants are defrauded while applying for Canadian visas. The Canadian government gets these stories and for this reason, decided to make public notices in a good number of the newspapers in Punjab. According to the immigration consultant, the higher numbers of these duping cases happen only in the state.

Bathinda is another region that is getting abuzz with migration to Canada and other countries of the West. This region, according to another immigration consultant, has more than 5,000 applicants every year who want to go to Canada.

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