Indians worry over Trump plans for H-1B visa

Posted on: 13 Dec 2016  |   Tags: H-1B , India , United States , visa ,

There is considerable concern in India over uncertainties that surround the overhaul of the visa system in the United States following the election of Donald Trump. The president elect has long said that one of his first jobs once he takes office would be to review the systems that control the entry of migrants to the country and it seems that he has no intentions of changing that stance once he takes office in January next year. Of particular interest will the H-1B visa systems.  Trump has criticised the action of businesses that take jobs overseas to China and India along with many other foreign labour arrangements that exist within the country and he has vowed to tackle the issue with a raft of new regulations and legislation to protect United States workers. “One of my first executive orders will ask the Department of Labour to investigate all visa abuses that undermine jobs and wages for the American worker,” Trump has now said and it appears that the H-1B visa will be high on his priorities.  It is thought that he was referring to companies such as Disney who have been accused of employing foreign workers on H-1B visas and taking jobs away from the American people. He has also vowed to stop illegal immigration mostly from Latin and South American countries. How this will affect Indians wanting to travel to the United States for work and study remains unsure.  Studies in the United States have shown that the top users of the H-1B visa, which allow United States employers to bring in foreign workers to fill skills gaps, are outsourcing companies mostly from India .  It Reductions or restrictions to the H-1B visa system is causing concern among Indian tech companies who believe that any changes will severely impact their employment systems.

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