A fast-tracked Migrant Visa scheme is now available to skilled applicants if they are willing to move to regional Australia under a newly-introduced 19.4 million initiative. Skilled Jobs Now Available in Regional Australia Australia's Minister for Immigration had on Friday, in a meeting which was held in Canberra with state and territory treasurers, announced the initiative. Meanwhile, the purpose of the meeting had been to discuss congestion issues and population growth in the country. The 19.4 million budget will serve for years as officials of the Department of Home Affairs will have to travel to Australia's regional areas to assist local businesses in getting more skilled staff. The plan provides for the prioritizing of the processing for visas applications which have the sponsorship of employers in regional areas. It also covers agreement which empowers local councils to hire workers from overseas. According to Mr. Coleman, the Immigration Minister, Home Affairs officials will be available in the regions to discuss available opportunities for regional migration with employers and communities in the regions. They will also be able to hear firsthand, the challenges confronting labor in these localities. Scott Morrison, Australia's Prime Minister, had earlier emphasized that migrants seeking for permanent residency could be asked to stay in a regional area for five years. He has also stressed that cutting down the number of Australia migration intake for each year could help reduce congestion in the country's major cities.

The population upsurge weighs heavily on Australia

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who had met with his treasurer colleagues on Friday had remarked that Australia's infrastructure and essential services were taking on an undue pressure due to the influx of about two-thirds of immigrants into the capital cities especially, Melbourne, Sydney, and Queensland. The solution, according to him, was to send people to where jobs were available and for there to be cooperation between the states and territories. Frydenberg admitted that Australia didn't prepare well for the future as the current 25 million population in the country had taken it by storm. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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