Single Australian Visa Applicants Await New Points System

Australia plans to change its point system for obtaining visas from November this year. Singles applying for an Australian visa will get extra points, with this new system. For this reason, many of them are looking forward to it. Single Australian Visa Applicants Await New Points System The country's immigration department announced the coming change in April. These changes to the point system will become effective from November 16, 2019. The provisions of the new rules allow for applicants who have neither a spouse nor a de facto partner to get 10 points automatically. According to the legislation, points are awarded based on the ability of the applicant to make the highest contribution to the economy of the country. The main purpose of the skilled immigration program, by the way, is to enable Australia to maximize and harness the economic merits of migration. Rohit Mohan, an immigration expert, has said that the changes are designed to attract the migration of more skilled people to Australia. According to Immigration experts, married applicants fill more places with their children and spouses who are unskilled thereby, taking up spots which skilled people could have taken. The recommendations of the Productivity Commission influenced the changes made to the point system. The Commission revealed that about 50% of permanent skill intake in Australia goes to secondary applicants whose skills are mostly limited. The Productivity Commission recommended in its 2016 report, that the points system be changed to allow skilled secondary applicants and those who have other desired employable characteristics influence the points of their primary applicant significantly. So many singles await the launch of this new system to gain their extra ten points.

Applicants are suspending their weddings to gain the points

Mohan, the immigration expert, has revealed that a good number of his clients are waiting for the change in November. According to him, people have suspended their marriages to get the ten points. The reverse was the case before when people got married to gain 5 points from their partners. Having a skilled spouse or partner earns an applicant ten points with an additional five points if the said partner is competent in English. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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