Recent Survey Reveals Australians do not Want More Immigrants

In a recent survey carried out by the Australian National University (ANU) has revealed that most Australians are no longer in support of an increase in the population of the country due to fear that this would make the price of houses rise above levels payable by ordinary people. While the Morrison government and the Shorten opposition cook up different strategies for the population policy in the run-up for the coming elections, the ANU realized that of every 10 Australians, only three of them think that more people are needed in the country. Recent Survey Reveals Australians do not Want More Immigrants A similar survey was held in 2010, and 45% of the population were positive that the nation should admit more people in. The present point drop by 15% is caused by a massive reduction in the number of males who voted in favor of Immigration in Australia as of 2010. The percentage of Australian males who support immigration to the country has reduced to 38.4%. The current percentage of females who wanted the population of Australia to grow has dropped from 38.5% as at 2010 to a current population of 28.2%. Within the last year, the population of Australia has risen by 390,500 people. Of all these people, 61% of them came in through net migration from other countries. On a daily basis, the public becomes more uncomfortable with the rate of immigrants influx to Australia. To this end, the Australian government has considered cutting down its Immigration cap, which is currently 190,000. It is expected that the intake for 2019/2020 financial year which would be fixed during the April budget could be about 160,000. The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has called for a decrease in the number of Immigrants admitted yearly, stating how overly congested the roads, buses, and trains are. The reason behind the low number of supporters of population increase could be largely traced to the issues associated with overcrowding in big cities in the country. From 2010 to date, the population of Australia has increased by over 2.5 million, and this huge number is concentrated in big cities.

The people's Concerns about population growth

In every 10 people who were approached for a survey, just one of them thought that the expensive housing cost in Australia should not be listed as one of the reasons to cut down the growth rate of the country. 85% of people are of the opinion that the cities are too crowded and the traffic there is too much. Also, people raised concerns about labor shortage and decided that it is good enough reason to reduce the country's population growth. People who agreed that skilled workers should be trained in the country and not brought in from other countries are a total of 90%. According to an associate professor, Nicholas Biddle, more Australians might support immigration if it has attributes like increasing skill base, neutralizing the effect of an aging population, and increasing the nation's economy. He, however, added that having considered issues like job insecurity and overcrowding, the population would opt to settle in its natural environment.

From the ANU Poll

During the poll conducted by ANU, most green voters welcomed the idea of a rising population while most voters would not have it so. It was observed that people who fall between the ages of 25 and 34 were more in support of a higher population for Australia. Also, just one-fourth of Australian borns agree that the nation’s population should increase. Less than 40% of English Speaking nationals are in support of a higher population. Meanwhile, the government is looking for ways to encourage immigrants to settle in regional and rural areas, and some of them are badly in need of skilled workers. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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