Labor is Resolute on its Position on Asylum Seekers in Australia

Labor is firm on its policy to kill the means for human trafficking to thrive in Australia. Labor Criticizes the Government's Complacency on Asylum Seekers The party feels that the Liberals lie about its strong stance on border protection. As far as Labor is concerned, the Liberals are only playing into the hands of human traffickers and other criminal syndicates who take advantage of people's vulnerability. Labor advocates for having strong borders, regional settlement, turnbacks, and offshore processing when it is safe since it saves lives at sea. This policy is what Labor promised at the last Federal Election and therefore, is Australia's policy. Labor is firm on this policy and will maintain a closed route for those coming into Australia by boat as it is an irregular means of entry into the country. The party decried the failure of the Liberal government in arranging other third country resettlement alternatives for residents of Manus Island and Nauru which have fallen from their status as short-term regional processing centres to places of indefinite detention. In order not to create a market for the people smugglers to exploit people, the Labor government is resolute on not bringing people in from the offshore regional processing centres. The failure of the Liberal government to arrange another third country option for resettlement has caused genuine refugees to languish on indefinite detention on those islands.

Should the government accept New Zealand's resettlement offer?

Labor has implored the Liberal government to take up New Zealand on its offer to handle the resettlement of the eligible refugees from Manus and Nauru and emulate the conditions of the US resettlement agreement so as to stop the snuggling of vulnerable people. Labor has called on the Liberal government repeatedly to make public the conditions and other details of the US refugee resettlement agreement. The party is certain that since the government had successfully negotiated the resettlement conditions with the US, it should be able to do the same with New Zealand. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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