High Skilled Immigration Creating a Positive Impact on Australia Economy

High Skilled Immigration Creating a Positive Impact on Australia Economy

Skilled migrants to Australia have been an overwhelmingly net positive for the economy of Australia and especially sought after for filling skilled IT jobs like programmers and ICT business analysts, as per the new report.

As per the recruitment Company,  Robert Half, while in the public discussion often implies that temporary skilled migration cuts jobs and conditions to Australians, a report from the Economic Development of Australia Committee notes this is not the case.

Robert Half notes to the CEDA report noticing that 93% of Australian CIOs state they are ready to hire international talent, and the Australian IT workforce respectively supports CEDA's finding. He also says that as the tech skills gap increases, it is estimated Australia will require an extra 200,000 tech workers in the following five years to avoid dropping further down the international competitiveness scale.

CEDA Report on Impact of Skilled Immigration

The recruitment firm tells the CEDA report reveals that companies and the government alike recognize the value of meeting this talent need, attending to the implementation of the Global Talent Scheme pilot program to assist the skills deficit and the difficulty it presents to Australian companies.

Robert Half also states the advantages of hiring international talent are obvious to the majority of IT leaders inspected, with the top reasons why CIOs are ready to hire international talent being business development into global markets (39 percent), IT leaders demanding access to diverse skill sets brought by foreign candidates (39 percent), foreign employees being less likely to move (34 percent), the local talent pool not fulfilling up with need for candidates (34 percent) and businesses needing more applicants fluent in non-English languages also(28 percent).

The CEDA report points out that global talent can play an extensive role in assisting to equip the IT industry with the skills that promote business development.

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