Foreign Students’ Numbers Continuously Rising in Australia

Posted on: 17 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , News , visa ,

The overseas education environment in Australia has been largely unaffected as a plethora of foreign students come into the country on a yearly basis.

The current report by the official department in charge of migration in the country stated that student and impermanent graduate permits have skyrocketed as more and more students from different countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Nepal, and China are all showing an increased desire to come into the country to further their education.

The number of international students wanting to enter into Australia from the start of the year till date has risen to 356, 000 students.

It was alleged that an alteration in July in the permit application system would impact the influx of students as a lot of applicants were put under a lot of tighter checks than usual. Also, worries about the immigration and violence all across the globe has also contributed to the increase in fears of the education environment in the country of Australia.

The acclaims could be, in part, accredited to the government of Australia as the approval of student permits in the country were taken into higher consideration based on the dates their studies were supposed to begin, an international expert on education in Australia was quoted as saying.

Initially, the processing of applications on the grounds of the dates on which the permits applications was received.

The expert also said that since only a handful of international education institutions were out of the system, this has further improved the overall perception of the country in the eyes of parents of intending international students.

The expert, however, conceded that Australia is also at an advantage given president Trump’s stand on foreign travellers into the country of the United States and the consequence Brexit has had on the UK’s education environment, giving rise to an increase in foreign students into Australia.

The third largest destination for international students over the years is Brazil, while Nepal is the fourth largest.

Students of Columbian and Malaysian descents entering into the country has also increased significantly also.

The number of applications from students in Thailand, India and South Korea has dropped significantly by 14%, 9%, and 10% respectively. The expert also said that the fall in demand from India was as a result of the devaluation of the India’s currency, which was not going to last anyways.

Students from Thailand and South Korea have also chosen China as their destination lately.

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