Exclusive Service for Australian Passport Holders who regularly Visit Singapore

If you have an Australian passport, you can sail through the immigration queue in five minutes and watch your co-passengers still wait in life as you make you exit. Before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t something new, but something that people might not know about this. Australian who regularly travels to Singapore can make use of the enhanced- Immigration Automated Clearance System. This system is very similar to Australia’s automated Smart gate passport system and entirely free for use. However, there is a condition. Only people who regularly visit’s Singapore can use it. To use the service, you should have visited Australia at least three times in the past one year. You can find the eIACS Enrolment Centre at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3. It is just after clearing outbound passport control area. The location is perfect and convenient for everyone. It is open only between 8 am to 5 pm and might not always sync with your flight’s timings. Most of the flights to Singapore are in the earlier hours of the day. This system is for you to use when you just want to get out that stupid airport and go to your hotel room. Traveling in planes can be tiring with that lack amount of space and being in the air for so long tires you out. So for getting your immigration procedure done, you can book it before taking your flight. The slots are available one minute apart, and the process gets done in less than five minutes. How to go about with the e-Application After booking your appointment, print the application form. Also print the two-page eIACS application, which you will have to fill in advance. No need to carry a passport size photo with you because the authorities at the booth will take your photo there. You need to arrive at the booth at least 10 minutes in advance. Sometimes you won’t need to wait much as the appointments ahead of you aren’t taken.

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