Australia's new temporary parent visa program which will permit parents and grandparents whose family live in Australia to visit them in the country will be open for applications on April 17, 2019. Anyone applying for this visa should know that the 3-year visa costs $5,000 while the one with a 5-year validity will cost $10,000. Both visas will be subject to a yearly cap of 5,000. Australia's Parent Visa not Welcomed by Migrant Communities Migrant families in Australia who want to sponsor their parents for the visa must choose one set of parents for sponsorship at a time. Those parents must also have health insurance. The temporary parent visa allows only a one-time visa renewal. By this, all parents who are beneficiaries of the visa program are allowed to stay in Australia for a maximum of ten years. This parent visa program was introduced during the federal election in 2016 by the Turnbull government. This was after migrant communities had embarked on lengthy campaigns, demanding for this visa scheme. Unfortunately, the federal government has failed to keep some of the commitments it made during the elections regarding this visa program. One of such commitments was that there would be no cap on visa numbers. But the government has not kept its word by placing a 15,000 yearly cap on the visa program as well as charging exorbitant visa fees.

Migrants feel the visa fees are too high

Some of the migrants who would have loved to bring their parents to Australia via this route have complained that the 10-year maximum stay per person placed in the visa is not fair as some of them would have loved their parents to stay for longer in the country. The permanent migration program is not an option either as it requires sponsors to have an income threshold of $83,455, which is high for most of them. Some others are complaining that the fee for the temporary visa is high for them too. So applying for the sponsorship of their parents is only going to get to them priced out. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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