Australian Oppostition back higher Visa charges

Posted on: 01 Feb 2017  |   Tags: Australia , visa ,

Australian Oppostition back higher Visa charges

The Australian government has long been under pressure to tighten immigration rules and reduce the numbers entering the country both legally and illegally.   In a new  effort to tackle this pressure Bill Shorten, the leader of the opposition has backed the idea of making employers pay more to bring in skilled foreign workforce to fill their skills gaps.

In a message akin to those of Donald Trumps on his election campaign Mr Shorten Mr Shorten named “jobs, jobs, jobs” as his dominant policy for 2017 including a significant drive against the use of the 457 skilled foreign worker visas to threaten the jobs of Australian people.

“This nation will pay the price in the future for simply the short-term importing of skills, rather than training our own,” he told the National Press Club.

The leader of the opposition has suggested along with many others that a rise in application fee for 457 visas could be used to increasing training for Australian citizens and drive domestic job creation .

Across the globe the notion of less immigration and more rights for citizens is becoming a key message with Donald Trump’s election and Brexit in the UK having immigration issues centre stage and many politicians are seeking to use the immigration card for their election prospects.  Immigration was already a hot topic for Australians and it seems clear that the political battleground over the coming years will focus heavily on tackling immigration issues.  Whether these tougher need processes and fees pass into legislation remains to be seen but it is clear that those wanting to travel and live in Australian are going to face increasing pressures over the next few years.

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