Australian Government Promotes Migration to Its Regional Areas

Australian Government Promotes Migration to Its Regional Areas

Julian Leeser, a Liberal Australian MP, has stated that the nation will have to concentrate on redistributing the Australian migrant population to manage the best quality of life. To make this a fact, the policies of immigration will be revised in the future with a higher focus on migration to Australian regional areas. The government of Australia is also preparing to support migrants to appeal for regional visas.

Migration to Australian regional areas is an excellent choice as these areas provide a great quality of life. Immigrants have many career possibilities in these areas. The living cost is also much cheaper. Besides, the migration process for Australian regional areas is much simpler related to the metropolitan areas of the nation.

As per the report, the population in Australia is assumed to increase by 25 percent to 31.4 million in the following 15 years. Another report by Australian Infrastructure reports that it will cost $40 billion in yearly infrastructure to cope with a projected population increase in the nation. The population in main cities in Australia such as Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane is also going to rise. It is in these circumstances, the government is preparing to concentrate on migration to the Australian regional areas.

Australian Government Plans on Immigration

David Coleman, Australian Immigration Minister, has also announced the government’s intention to concentrate on migration to Australian regional areas. Addressing at the Sydney Institute freshly, he said immigration is vital to Australia’s progress as a country and it has to proceed with clear eyes. The minister also said he would be concentrating on foreign students and proficient migrants while supporting people to move from overseas to reside and work in Australian regional areas.

The Australian Immigration Department has informed that immigration intake will not limit for 2019 and will be maintained at 160,000 per year.

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