Australia Welcomes South African White Farmers with Open Arms

White farmers in South Africa are under horrific conditions and are getting killed, and Australia feels that they must aid them. Peter Dutton, Home Affairs Minister of Australia, feels they deserve special attention. Black farmers are taking over white farmers by stealing their land and violation. While talking to Daily Telegraph, Dutton said that his department is looking at several techniques to fast track their way to Australia. The visa will be similar to humanitarian visa awarded to a natural disaster or war victims who have done humanitarian work in their countries. Dutton is yet to announce the visa officially but he said, he will soon do so. It is heartbreaking to watch videos in which they are threatened. At least one white South African farmer is being killed in a week in the country. He wants to help them by providing a safe environment because they want to work hard and make a good life for themselves. They have expressed their concern about wanting to work hard and contribute to a country like Australia. They need help from a more developed country like Australia, so that can build themselves. Dutton said he wants people like white South African farmers to come to the country, abide their laws, integrate into their society, and work hard but never live a life of charity.

Different ways

Australia is constantly looking for ways to help people who have been through horrific situations. That is very true because Australia has accepted the most number of refugees on humanitarian basis than any other country. He told everyone to expect the announcement at any time. During the interview, he was asked if he has collaborated with the South African government to start the visa program. Dutton said that he is ready to collaborate with any government in the world if they are willing to.

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