Australia General Skilled Migration – Terminology Overview


A skilled worker or a Business person who wish to migrate to Australia can make an expression of Interest through Skillselect .


Expression if Interest is valid for two years from the Date of Submission. EOI can be updated with the changes in circumstances like gained experience, better or improved English Language scores , earned more degrees , or any personal circumstance changes. However, no updates will be allowed online upon Invitation to Apply is received.


Skillselect will automatically pick the highest ranked applicants to issue an invitation to apply under Skilled Independent and Regional(Provisional) Visa.


Applicants who submit interest for State and Territory nominations will be identified by the respective State and Territories and will be picked for nomination depending on eligibility criteria is met. Nominations will be issued .


Skills Assessment Authorities will check and assess skills to meet the Australian standards of qualification frame work also experience and tasks performed are relevant to the nominated occupation.


Eligible Occupations are listed as 4 occupation list and most of the occupations have respective skills assessment authorities to assess the nominated occupation against performed tasks and qualification.


Skills Assessment Report is required for


ü General Skilled Migration Visa

ü Employer Sponsored Visa

ü Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

ü Temporary Graduate Visa


Applicants are expected to read and understand the skills assessment criteria before making an application.


Invitation Rounds :  Conducted one in a month and is applicable for Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa – Family Sponsored (Subclass 491).


Occupation Ceilings : There is limit to select the no of EOI for Skilled Migration from an Occupation group. Occupation Ceiling will be applied to Skilled Independent and Regional Visas. Invitations are issued based on the Occupation ceilings set , there will no further invitations that can be issued once the limit is reached. Australian Bureau of Statistics shares stock employment figures and the values or limits are set based on these given figure of stick employment.


Source : https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/occupation-ceilings











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