Australia Report Visa Cancellation figures for 2015-16

Posted on: 24 Oct 2016  |   Tags: 403 Temporary Visa , Australia , visa ,

Recent statistics from the government of Australia have revealed that The Department of Immigration and Border Patrol cancelled over sixty thousand visas in the period 2015-2016.  The government have reported that the visa cancellations came about from a wide and varied number of reasons and there were no clear policies that had led to the large number of cancellations. The statistics have revealed that of the cancellations 15,000 visas had been cancelled for overstaying, while a further 15,000 had asked for their immigration status to be resolved. Michael Pezzullo, the Secretary of the Department said: “Visa reform is essential to address the complexity of the current visa framework and modernise infrastructure and business practice for future growth,” As part of the reform a number of new visas have been introduced including a new 10 year multiple entry visas, only open to Chinese for now, which allows for a three month stay period for tourists. The fee for this new visa is Australia $1000 and if successful it is likely to be rolled out to other nations. Elsewhere the government have announced the introduction of a further four new work visas as part of the visa reform.  These will be in place of existing visas and will affect those wanting to come to Australia on temporary basis. The Short Stay Specialist Visa will allow workers to enter on short term contracts for highly specialised, non-ongoing work. Known as the Subclass 403 Temporary Visa covers bilateral agreements, foreign government workers and the Seasonal Work Programme. Australia has been under increasing pressure to reduce the number of immigration visas and theses new visa types have been introduced as part of the ongoing process of redefining the visa categories to align the immigration processes with government policy and changing demands and needs of the country.

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