Australia-Indonesia talks on visa co-operation

Posted on: 06 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Indonesia , nurse , tourism , visa ,

Australia-Indonesia talks on visa co-operation

Increasingly tight visa restrictions on Indonesian students wanting to study in Australia have come under criticism from the Indonesian government. Currently in trade and cooperation talks the Australian and Indonesian governments are working on ways to increase cooperation between the two countries and relaxed visa regulations is part of this discussion.

Currently Indonesians wanting to study in Australia need to meet strict regulations including proving that they have over $5000 in their bank accounts, have already undertaken two years of study in another country, have good English and provide a n X ray of their chest.

During the Indonesia-Australia Business Week discussion will take place on how to build trade between the two countries including discussions on education, tourism and agriculture.  Against a backdrop of increased regulation surrounding visas for foreign workers and student to Australia the two governments are hoping that deals can be done that will be to the benefit of both countries.

As part of the discussions Indonesia is requesting better access to Australia’s labour market for trained workers including nurses and tourist workers. Indonesia wants to send workers for training in Australia for tourism as part of the tourist drive for the country.  It has been noted that skills training is going to be a pivotal part of the any trade agreement that is reached during the talks and that Australia will have to lift dome regulations if they are to get better trade arrangement with their neighbour.   Ross Taylor of the Indonesian Institute says that it is not very easy for young people to travel between the two countries for work and study stating  that the Australian system makes it really hard for Indonesians to travel and work in the country.  Perhaps the new talks will go some way to alleviating these blockages in the future.

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