Australia Announce New Framework for Temporary Work Visa

Posted on: 01 Feb 2017  |   Tags: Australia , temporary work , visa ,

Australia Announce New Framework for Temporary Work Visa

Further visa changes for entry to Australia have been announced.  A new outline for temporary work visas came into effect late 2016. This has culminated in the scrapping of some visa subclasses, and the introduction of a two new subclasses. There have also been changes to sponsorship arrangements announced at the same time.

The Training and Research Subclass is a new introduction which requires occupational training to be carried out by the company sponsoring the applicant and not another entity.  It is now believed that third party training will be illegal under these rules.

Announcements on another subclass – the Temporary Activity Subclass which covers a range of previous subclasses covering a range of activities including leisure, sport and religion.

Although these changes are complicated it is hoped that these new frameworks should in the longer term simplify the Temporary Activity Visa and make the application processes easier and quicker.  The simplified sponsorship arrangements, elimination of nominations and ability to apply online will definitely make the process more straightforward and far quicker.  It should be noted though that current sponsors working within the current Temporary Activity Visa Framework will have to apply for approval within the new system within the next six months.

Additional changes under this announcement include changes to the development of the professional training to be relaxed. Further changes noted are that members of family can also be included on the new subclass. The Australian government is working hard to streamline the visa process across many of the sub sectors but it is a complicated system and there are also calls for stricter immigration.  Anyone planning on applying for a visa in these chaging times are urged to check the new categories carefully.

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