Vietnam trials e-visa system

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Vietnam trials e-visa system

Vietnam has become the latest in a long line of countries that has introduced e-visas to their travel systems.  Many countries have already successfully introduced the e-visa scheme including India, who have introduced partial e-visa systems for tourist and medical travellers.

Vietnam has introduced a pilot scheme for the past two years trialling an e-visa system allowing visitors from 40 different countries access via e-visas.  The new system will run alongside the current visa system for the two years to be sure that it works well and was started on 1st February 2017.  The new visa will allow visitors to enter from the 40 countries via eight airports  including Nha Trang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and another thirteen land crossings on the borders.  A list of the forty eligible countries is available on the current government visa website and includes the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Japan and Russia.  The visas are valid for a thirty days stay. At present if a visa is required to be renewed after the 30 days then the old system needs to be followed. E visas are, at present, unable to be renewed.

The change has come as a result of increased tourism to the country and the pressures that this is having on the government visa allocation system.  Many of the countries chosen to be on the list are those that have the highest visitor numbers to the country and it is hoped that by these countries using the e visa system pressure on the system will be considerably reduced.

It is further proof that Vietnam is working hard on raising the profile of the country as a tourist destination with an increase in tourism revenue expected to be over 15% this year over last.

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