Due to the political unrest between mainland China and Hong Kong, Chinese citizens of the latter are moving to Taiwan, which has a much safer and stable political climate. Taiwan is a democratic country, unlike China, which is communist. This isn’t the first time that Hong Kong citizens are migrating to a safer Taiwan, but it has been happening and quite common for a very long time. Every time there is political unrest in Hong Kong people moves to Taiwan. By December 2016, 71,263 people from Macau and Hong Kong received Taiwan’s residency. According to Raymond Wu, the numbers will continue to rise. Raymond Wu is the managing director of a political risk consultancy firm in it. He says that people in Hong Kong have become disillusioned and that is why numbers are rising. It is a youth activist groups in Hong Kong that have gone against Beijing for participating in local legislative assembly elections. On January 1st, 2018, Hong Kong nationals protested in Beijing, and the latter gave its reply by arresting a Hong Kong bookseller in China. Around 7.3 million Chinese people are living in Hong Kong. It was under British rule for 150 years until 1997, when China took over. It is self-ruled since the 1940s and was democratized since 1980s. However, mainland China has made several attempts to claim sovereignty over it but failed at all times. Chu Kang-ming, a retired professor from Hong Kong who lives in Taiwan, says that whenever there is uncertainty, people migrate.

Getting Taiwan residency

John Chu, himself is from Hong Kong, said that he felt uncertain in Hong Kong, but it vanished after coming to Taiwan. An investment of 6 million Taiwan dollars gets them the residency. Some come to study and marry the locals, thereby obtaining residency. People have their voices open, and it has freedom of speech and it much freer here.

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