Singapore Blocks Visas to Indian IT Professionals

  Today marks the beginning of the acceptance of applications for the H-1B permits in the United States for the year 2018. It also marks the beginning of the impending blockage of permits for Indian information technology experts in Singapore. The country aims to concentrate its effort in employing indigenous experts rather than foreign professionals. With the need to employ local experts, firms from India are looking to transfer their businesses to other parts of the world. The report emanating from Indian media states that the long list has been increased to accommodate Cognizant, Wipro, and L & T InfoTech. Reports are also saying that the permit ban has been in play since the start of the previous year and has been the reason behind a number of permit applications submitted by Indian professionals to be reduced. “The issue with the permits for professional has been going on for a while now since last year. We have reduced the number of permits issued to foreigners, especially Indians. All Indian firms have been served a memorandum to allow for transparent employment, and that entails the employment of local experts in the country,” the report stated.

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