Kuwait lift visa ban on Pakistani residents

Posted on: 08 Mar 2017  |   Tags: investment , Kuwait , Pakistan , visa ,

The government of Kuwait has announced that it is to life a ban on visas for residents of Pakistan.  The ban has been in place for the past six years and has caused difficulties for the two countries in terms of investment, trade and immigration.  At a meeting between the two prime ministers Nawaz Sharif and Mubarak al Hamad al Sabah at the beginning of March the visa issue was discussed and it was agreed to lift the current ban.

The two leaders agreed that in the interest of ‘free movement of the business community’ the ban should be lifted.  The prime minister of Pakistan is pushing the investment potential of his country in terms of foreign investment and has stated that the country is attractive in terms of liberal investment policies.

In a bid to increase trade relations between the two countries he further pointed out that over one thousand overseas corporations are currently operating in Pakistan and that the country was very much open for business.  He noted infrastructure and energy as key growth areas for foreign investment.

Furthermore, it was noted that already over one hundred thousand Pakistani’s currently reside in Kuwait and the two countries have strong ties to each other and that these ties should be fostered to increase trade both to Pakistan and to Kuwait. The leaders have expressed an interest in setting up a Pakistan-Kuwait Joint Business Council where the two countries can discuss mutual beneficial investment and trade opportunities.

It is hoped that this successful meeting of the two leaders will renew trade relations and business travel between the two nations and provide some much-needed inward investment into Pakistan.

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