Kerala State to Issue Good Conduct Certificate for UAE Requirement

After learning about UAE’s latest requirement for applying for a job in the Arab country, the government of Kerala has shown extreme support towards it. Kerala will become the first state in India to issue the certificate of good conduct. Job applicants can get a police clearance certificate from the district police chiefs and then submit it along with their UAE work visa application. Hussain Al Za’abi, consul general, UAE Consulate General, Thiruvananthapuram, said that the office received official letters from the government of Kerala just recently. Kerala chose to call it the police clearance certificate, but it fulfills the same purpose as the good conduct certificate. Al Za’abi said that four more states from South India will soon follow the procedure. He found about it during informal talks with the representative from the four states. Al Za’abi is hopeful that they make the states make an official statement soon. Consulate General in Thiruvananthapuram deals with five South Indian states including Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. A top diplomat from the UAE has confirmed that the government will accept police clearance certificate as good conduct certificate. Dr. Ahmad Al Banna, UAE Ambassador to India, said that many countries including India do not have a federal procedure for obtaining a good conduct certificate. They can instead give a police clearance certificate. Kerala started issuing the certificate February 1st, 2018 onward. It will cost them INR 1,000 as fees. Get certificate in a few days A representative of the Director General of Police of Kerala said that if the applicant isn’t involved in any criminal case, he will get the certificate in a few days. They will check district records for any criminal activity. In case there is any, the case will be sent to the special branch, and the person’s nearby police station will get involved. After evaluating the situation, they will give clearance. This procedure will take a lot more time compared to the earlier one.

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