China Set to Benefit from Thailand’s Extension of Permit Policy

Posted on: 15 Mar 2017  |   Tags: asia , China , Thailand , visa news ,

Those visiting Thailand with Chinese passports can go directly into Thailand without the need for a country permit. That is because the government of Thailand has extended the permit laws that was meant to be obsolete by February 28.

Laws governing the free permits or permits-on-arrival with a 50% price reduction for 22 nations and regions, including China, will be prolonged until the end of August. The cost of a permit on arrival is around THB1,000 ($28) after the reduction.

The tourism department of Thailand is also orchestrating a national tourist ceremony from February 15-19, which will acquaint foreigners to 24 must-see places in the country.

The number of tourists from China to Thailand have been on the rise in the past years. A prominent new source in the country disclosed that around 32.58 million people toured the country of Thailand the previous year, marking an 8.91% increase over the last year. That led to a revenue generation of 1.64 million THB from tourism alone, a 12.64% rise from the past year. Comparing the year 2016 with the previous year of 2015, tourists from China to Thailand increased exponentially from 1.1 million to 8.7 million. It is projected that around 9 million tourists from China will come into the country this year.

The country of Thailand has been one of the more popular foreign destination for tourists from China since 2016, eclipsing other countries in Asia including Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines, the Chief executive officer of Lymama, Wang Xiaosong, said. The people of China have built a great understanding of Thailand culture as more Chinese films are being viewed in China.

The world famous islands and attractive landscapes of Thailand have attracted more and more tourists to the country.

The affable atmosphere of the country is another motive behind the influx of tourists into the country.

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