A British woman was finally granted 15-year Bangladeshi visa after she said she couldn’t afford the heavy fee of Tk 35,000 that was to be paid for it. Lucy Helen Frances Holt came to Bangladesh in 1960 and has been living there for the past 58 years. She came to work with the Oxford Mission Church in Barisal and fell in love with Bangladesh’s natural beauty and its friendly people. The 87-years old submitted an application to the Bangladeshi Ministry of Home Affairs stating her condition and inability to pay the visa fees. Md Habibur Rahman, deputy commissioner of Barisal, applied to the Ministry of Home Affairs on her behalf. By understanding her critical condition and contribution to the Bangladeshi community, the ministry ordered the Department of Immigration and Passports director-general to issue Holt an extension of 15 years for her visa without any costs. The ministry has also asked for giving her citizenship since she has been living for 58 years. Holt who was born in St Helens, England was born on December 16, 1930. 30 years later, she came to Bangladesh to work for the Oxford Mission Church, Barisal. She even treated wounded soldiers and people during Bangladesh’s 1971 War of Independence with Pakistan. And at the age of 87-years old, she is still serving the people and the country. The minister wants to recognize her efforts by pushing for citizenship after learning that Holt wishes to get the Bangladeshi citizenship before she dies.

Wishes to be buried in Bangladeshi ground

Not once has Sister Holt wished her country and after coming to Bangladesh. She considers the Asian nation as her adopted country and wants to be buried in Bangladeshi soil after she passes away. Her condition isn’t good today because she receives only 75 pounds of retirement payment and lives in a damaged room in Oxford Mission.

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