The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has shown tremendous growth in the past few years. The country is supporting women starting from the driving and preparing to issue its first travel visa, and the kingdom has outdone everyone’s expectations. Training women in vocational courses is another great mission the Asian country has adopted. Through Technical and Vocational Training Corporation’s external scholarships program, 130 women were sent to foreign countries to study. 110 out of the 130 women that have already sent graduated and are working in their respected fields. 20 women are still studying and are expected to graduate soon. 1,800 men and women were sent in total, out of which 1,650 have already graduated. Bandar Al-Saadon, director of the corporation, said that scholarships given to students in the fields of fashion design, beauty and care, library management, computer science, and accounting. Most of the students are sent to 11 different countries including the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and the United States of America.

Women education in Saudi Arabia in the recent years

Saudi Arabia is a country with the strong Islamic faith. For long, women weren’t allowed to study much and were married off early. But as of 2017, 35,000 Saudi women are studying in foreign countries on government-sponsored scholarships. Amani, a computer science Saudi student in the UK, said that many people ask her if she will get a job after going back to Saudi Arabia. She replies graciously, saying that she already has a job in the country that encouraged her to get a Ph.D. You’ll be happy to know that these women students are studying in fields like engineering, medicine, computer science, business, and pharmacy. Currently, there are 88,000 Saudi students, including both male and female studying in the US. In the kingdom itself, 51.8 percent of students are women.

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