India Conveyed Concerns Regarding H1B Visas to US Authorities, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

Posted on: 20 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigrants , India , USA , visa ,

On Friday, the minister for law and justice Ravi Shankar Prasad disclosed at a meeting that the government had made known its worries concerning the United States president, Donald Trump, order to debar express processing of the H1B permits to united states officials. “We have made known our worries to the United States officials at the top stage,” Prasad disclosed while talking at the meeting in India.

“Firms from India do not take away jobs, they make jobs for a better country, and also for a better United States,” he stated.

During a convention in India, the minister said that “especially for the United States of America, information technology firms are afforded nearly $20 billion as levies to be paid in the last half a decade. They have provided jobs for around four million people; they have added value to almost about 75% of the firms. The information technology firms in India is a valuable asset for the United States.”

Every year, around eighty-five thousand H1B permits are produced and distributed, which includes about twenty thousand that are kept aside for advanced qualifications. Last year, an employee of Indian descent made up about 70% of the eighty-five thousand H1B permits issued out, with Indian companies getting around seventeen thousand permits, which was 20% of the total.

The usual wait period for the processing of the H1B permit application can take between two months to eight months.

Also, a top notch H1B permit process allows companies to pay around $1,225 (Rs 82,000) fee to hasten the application process and receive a reply in around 15 days. Earlier this month, the Donald Trump administration, under its motto “America First,” put on hold the top notch processing of the H1B permits for half a year.

Another reason for worry is the H1B permit improvement law that clamours for an addition to the basic salary of H1B permit holders to $130,000 from the present salary of $60,000.

The law would increase the difficulty with which companies make use of the scheme to substitute American workers with international workers, including those from India, with lesser salaries.

The legislation, which was presented before the house of Congress at the end of the month of January and is primed to be approved by Donald Trump sooner than expected, would expect hiring companies in the United States to first present an empty position to an eligible or probably more qualified American employee before looking for an H1B permit holder.

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